Norma Cassius combination of expertise of a money management consultant and financial therapist, has positioned her to be an excellent financial coach. Understanding your relationship with money is where she starts,  going on to further explore the  attitudes, behaviours and biases that affect the client the most. With the knowledge gained, the client is set on the correct pathway to initiate setting  the right financial goals.

Equipping you with the right tools and knowledge will give you the financial empowerment to take control of your of your own financial situation. With this kind of empowerment one feels in total control of their financial situation and not the other way around.  Confidence and self-motivation is gained to make healthy financial decisions,  giving  a peace of mind and greater financial benefits.

As your financial coach you will get all the personal support you need to help you make the right financial decisions. Learning how to manage and maximise your money to its fullest potential is an absolute MUST. Ultimately the goals are to help you build wealth and achieve financial freedom.


You can use the youtubeconference clip on this page (My clip is a few years old, I don’t know if you can edit it to take out the bit where I say 2012. Also on the text that follows the clip there is something that says I will be in Manchester in 2012 can you take that out also please so it seems more up to date).

Norma’s motto is “a quality of life means a life full of quality”. She inspires, teaches and coaches people through motivational talks and speeches. In her speeches her candid humor and compassionate personality engages the audience so they are open to life changing messages. She shares her personal experiences, spirituality, values and areas of expertise with the objective to transform people lives with the new found knowledge they have gained.

For many years people were continuously asking her the same question which is; “how are you able to manage your money so well”. It got to a point whereby she knew she had information that she needed to share with others. Norma decided to do her first money management conference which went so well that she went on to do other memorable speaking engagements.

Norma new money management book will afford her to deliver motivational speeches globally. Addressing relevantfinancial problems from a psychological perspective is not only relatable but it is unique. Norma has continually found that people desperately want answers to questions like; why is it such a challenge to manage their money, why are they spending the way they do, what is influencing their mindset around money, how to make informed financial decisions. Some psychological aspects play a big part in these questions which highlights the need for the insight into the psychology of finance/debt.

Norma’s objective is to teach and empower people to live the best quality of life they truly deserve. Norma’s areas of expertise are Money management consulting, psychotherapy, Author, Motivational Speaking and Life coaching. She is well known to use one or most of them at any given time regardless of what role she was invited to do. Norma believes in giving her best (which means giving her all) when she is working. Another one of her mottos is “if anything is worth doing do it well”.