Financial Therapy

Financial therapy merges finance with emotional support to help people manage their financial anxiety and stress. Therapy helps clients explore in detail the problematic issues their finances are causing. Therapy creates a safe space to challenge their financial practices in order to help them make logical monetary decisions and have a clear understanding of financial processes.

Money plays a large role in a person’s overall well-being, and the stresses of managing money and dealing with financial challenges can take a huge toll on one’s emotional wellbeing. If left uncontrolled, this emotional burden can spread into other areas of a person’s life which often causes a negative psychological and emotional impact. Financial therapy provides support and advice designed specifically to financially and psychologically educate people. The knowledge they gain is to help them get their finances in order and provide the necessary tools and advice to keep them in order.

Financial Therapy is a process that helps people think, feel, and behave differently with money to improve overall well-being through evidence-based practices and interventions. The most effective forms of financial therapy involve the combination of financial education and therapeutic interventions. I am a money management consultant and a qualified psychotherapist who provides complete financial therapy support.