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Norma Cassius is a Money Management Consultant and Psychotherapist here to help you manage your money and your mindset.

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If you are looking to achieve your financial goals but are unsure of how to do so, Norma Cassius offers a unique combination of financial education and the psychology of money that can provide the answer. Her belief is that financial transformation starts with having the right mindset and she is passionate about helping the next generation achieve financial independence and build wealth. 

With over 20 years of experience in the financial Sector and over 17 years as an qualified Psychotherapist based in Harley Street London, she has worked with numerous clients on a one to one basis, assisting them with various issues such as money management and eliminating financial anxiety. She has successfully helped hundreds of people clear significant amounts of debt  and has delivered  financial education talks to over 16,000 individuals in this year alone in person and via social media.  Her expertise has earned her recognition on BBC News and iNews.  Her clients come from diverse backgrounds, including QCs, Directors, athletics and students but they all share a common need for financial and psychological education. Ultimately her vision is to empower individuals with financial knowledge and skills to eliminate debt, make wise investments, and attain financial freedom.

Is a money management programme that will teach you all you need to know about managing and maximising your money, building wealth and becoming financially Independent. The programme consists of:


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If reaching your financial goals is what you want but you don’t know how, then Norma’s unique combination of financial education and the psychology of money is the answer. Financial transformation starts with the right mindset. Norma’s passionate about supporting the next generation to achieve financial independence and build wealth. Rest assured YOU’RE IN THE RIGHT PLACE!

Norma has worked within the Financial Sector for over 20 years. She is an accredited Psychotherapist with over 17 years’ experience based in Harley Street West London. Norma has worked over 2500 hours’ on a one to one basis helping clients with a variety of issues from money management to eliminating financial anxiety. Norma has helped hundreds of people clear thousands of pounds worth of debt. She’s given financial education talks to over 16,000 people in this year alone and has appeared in iNews. Norma’s client’s range from QC’s, Directors, Athletics to Students to name but a few. It is very evident that the common thread between all these clients is a lack of financial and psychological education. Norma’s vision is to financially educate and empower people to eliminate debt, invest and build wealth to attain financial freedom.

Norma Cassius is a driven business-woman and philanthropist with a sincere desire and passion to help people maximize their fullest potential. A money management consultant, psychotherapist, author and life coach, she has more than enough expertise to make that happen. Norma carefully integrates her various areas of expertise into whatever work she is doing, keen for her clients to get the best possible value. Her ultimate goal is to help each client experience the best quality of life they rightfully deserve.


Norma’s background is integrative, meaning she has been trained in a number of theoretical approaches, largely drawing upon person centered, psycho-dynamic, and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).

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Think Like A Bank

Working as a psychotherapist many of Norma’s clients’ most common issues relate to finance, namely debt.

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A powerful financial self-help book that can help you transform your quality of life just by re-educating your mind



Transforming your financial struggles into financial success. I have the SECRET combination that no one is sharing. I will show you how to financially survive the smart/savvy way. Are you ready to learn how to become financially empowered and have full control of your finances?

I have been there and done it. Let me help you transform your finances with the ‘Think Like A Bank way.’ Just remember it’s not what you know, but what you do with what you know – ACTION is always required!

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